PUCA Story

Our brand

PUCA is a growing brand of men’s lifestyle footwear with more than 100+ models successfully launched and 5 million+ pairs in sales worldwide. We are distributing in 25 countries and have partnered with reputable international retailers both online and physical stores such as Amazon, Carrefour and LULU Hypermarkets.

PUCA brand was founded in 2013 as the first active lifestyle footwear brand born in the UAE (United Arab Emirates); and owned by Spot Shoes Trading LLC.

PUCA products are known for the following distinctive features :

  • Street style, smart casual, athleisure
  • High/Mid/low ankle, slip-ons, thongs
  • Multi colors, zippers, feather weight

PUCA SHOES is our representative business partner in Australia with a registered ABN 23902616176 and can be contacted by email on info@pucashoes.com.au or telephone +61 (03) 70162359.

Our Philosophy

VISION – an icon in the world of men’s lifestyle footwear

PUCA takes pride in being a very affordable & high quality brand that delivers a great customer experience. Designed in various parts of the world by some of the most creative minds, it keeps pace with ever changing market trends and consumer demands.

PUCA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in Athleisure categories such as Running, Hiking, Training & Fitness and lifestyle footwear formats like sneakers, smart casuals, sandals, slip-ons & flip-flops. We are determined to become a most sought-after casual shoe brand in the world through continuous innovation and improvement.

PUCA is today, a modern derivative of sneakers and performance shoes with a fun element. Our brand of PUCA looks and feels trendy, sporty and at the same time one that can be used for all occasions where societies get occupied within the present world. The console of wearing a PUCA shoe throughout the year and at any occasion is an exceptional phenomenon to be experienced.

MISSION – affordable, innovate and active lifestyle.

PUCA is an evolving brand. We aspire to be the most sought after casual shoe brand by developing the best products through passion, design and relentless pursuit of innovation. Focusing on creativity, we strive to deliver the best; always adapting to changing social, economic and professional framework conditions.

Our efforts are guided with caution to ensure that the environment is not altered, harmed or threatened in any way possible while producing our products.

At  PUCA, we are passionate about creating our own vogue, promoting an active lifestyle and committing to an impeccable caliber and value.