PUCA Technology

The HEXAFLOW cushion has hexagonal holes carved out of the insole to provide the best ventilation to the foot. The density hence pushed back into the left over insole to function as cushioned as a full regular insole. The evacuation of the sweat via these holes make the footbed/insole the best for people effected by heavy sweating.

A Protective Film is to ensure the sturdiness of an upper, to support the arches of the feet, to enhance the performance of a user looking to have an active performance on regular basis. PROFILM makes sure that your feet are duly supported from either end to have a firm and collective shape provided to the feet while running or performing any activity.

THERMOULD uses a stiff, thermo-protective coating to retain the last shape for resisting irregular shape and discomfort. It supports the balance of the foot inside a shoe by cupping or supporting the area its made of.

The strategical use of shapes and patterns to expand and contract in order to adapt to the contours of your foot both at rest and in motion. It’s a STURDY-FIT mechanisim which works throughout your movement phase & relaxed phase to deliver a grip where it matters the most.

A light weight foam developed out of the necessity of having something to assist in natural stability and comfort. Lighter and more cushioned than the traditional foams, BOUNCE-FOAM deliver’s an ultra-responsive performance every single time it gets to work.

As soon as you feel an ULTRAFLEX unit under your feet while running, your running experience will never be the same again. It’s the epitome of advancement in technology, it absorbs the impact of your landing foot and converts it into a quick responsive push back for a performance comfort second to none.